Soulection Says Thank You

soulection thank youSoulection, the label and the lifestyle has had a huge 2013.  They’ve grown their outfit two times over this year, and so in thanks they’ve pipped a few of their artists to donate a song to a mini-compilation for us the fans.   You know that we at Waxhole like to bring to you the more obscure artist so this post of heavy, heavy hiotyters might seem a little like jumping on the pile.  But when we and our wonderful readers have been such huge supporters of the label and the artists on the label, well it’s a no-brainer to show some more love.

Featuring long time Soulection crew members like Sango, ESTA, and Ta-ku, to relative newcomers like Jeftuz, and Mr. Carmack this little trci just shows that they deal in powerful sounds and artists, and it’s really what brings us back for more every single time. Our coverage of some of the artists sometimes pre-dates their addition to the Soulection family, and thats what makes this compilation a great one for us as well. Seeing artists like Ta-Ku, Jeftuz, and ESTA go from their status back when we first heard them and shared to now where they get tons of support for anything and everything they do is very rewarding for us here.

So get after this nice token of appreciation and keep the love flowing for the dudes at Soulection.

Jeftuz – Spaced Out by SOULECTION

Mr. Carmack – Humbled by SOULECTION

Esta – Pure by SOULECTION

Sango – Smiles & Frowns by SOULECTION

Ta-ku – Closer by SOULECTION

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