Remixes For Your Soul

nullWhen you get a few tunes all of the same ilk, you want to post them all individually and wax poetic about them and the artists.  Sometimes, though,m the sheer weight of life/time/work gets in the way and you can’t.  So in this instance instead of watching them drift away like refuse down a gutter stream, I’m going to give them to you in a nice and tidy package.

Two of the tunes you will know them from the blog.  Woody’s Produce has always given us the goodness, and Silent Rider has as well.  Silent Rider is a really great remix outfit and this tune is no different.  Then there is newcomer to the blog, Go yama (Soundcloud, Facebook) with this ace Radiohead remix.

Remixes galore and of the highest calibre! Enjoy and follow all of the artists below. Their talent and content will reward you for doing so thrice over!

Leon Else- Protocol (WoodysProduce Remix) by WoodysProduce

Lucius – Turn It Around (Silent Rider Remix) by Silent Rider

Radiohead – Reckoner (Go Yama Remx) by Go yama

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