Louis Futon, So Childish

Louis Futon (Soundcloud, Facebook) has been on my radar for a bit, ever since Ganz dropped a remix of theirs, and it was clear that I hadn’t been following them for long enough. Since then, though, the duo out of Philly has been droppin bombs. The latest, this dope remix of Childish Gambino’s tune ‘3005’ is one of those nice and chill tunes that brings out the slower side of Childish, and displays Futon’s chops.

You want some more tunes from Futon? Well have at this great two track EP they released a few weeks ago. It’s a really melodic and beautiful effort that gives you a little bit of that trap feel, without beating you over the head with machine gun 808’s or cliche trap samples.

So yeah, get to know these dudes better and enjoy not only their back catalogue but there is a new joint dropping in the coming weeks and will be free to you. ┬áSo get to followin, ya’heard?

Childish Gambino – 3005 (Louis Futon Remix) by Louis Futon

Plastic by Louis Futon

Dozing by Louis Futon

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