Losco With That XXXX Rating

Losco (Soundcloud, Facebook) is a production outfit who have given us some fire in the earlier part of 2013, but then it went all a bit quiet in the Fall.  That is because they were busy getting this EP you see below wrapped up and ready to fire off.  And the wait was definitely worth it because this 4 track EP is bangin!

The first tune gives you that wonky trap feeling that doesn’t beat your face in with the heavy bass , and doesn’t completely befuddle your brain with the off-kilter noises and beat structures. plus the fact that they use a sample from one of my all time favorite movies (who can tell me where it came from?) is the icing on the cake.

The next couple of tunes tone down the bass a bit, but still bang with a more subdued feeling and flair until it evolves into some all out sexy beats that would fit alongside any from the Soulection crew. So whether you want to get down and dirty, or low and slow, this EP has got you covered.

So you see only three tunes below but above I said there were four tunes to the EP. Yeah that’s my cheeky way of getting you to grab the EP in full from their Bandcamp and supporting it with a download to cop that last tune. Yeah yeah I know it wasn’t that cheeky, but whatever, just go download the EP HERE, yeah?

XXXX by Losco.

Proteïn by Losco.

Shake by Losco.

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