KRTS Is A Foreigner At Last

KRTS, the dude out of Berlin, by way of NY is one of those producers who is a Project:Mooncircle roster member and someone who is deservedly there. He marries beautiful ambience with driving beats and perc’s that would sound as good backing Open Mike Eagle as they do backing the wonderful electronic atmosphere.

His tune, ‘Berlin Girls’ was featured on the awesome Label Love compilation and it was a lovely precursor to what we wre all in store for. Below are a few more cuts to the album, along with the great video above. One of those videos you think you know what you’re watching, until the end. The music brings out the emotions first of tenderness and then of a quiet depravity. The tunes below, show more of the EP and it’s goodness. The lone remix, by Mooncircle label mate Sieren is just too good to pass up. Taking the euphoric feel of the original, Sieren adds his own flavor of sound design, almost darkening the mood a bit, yet keeping it light enough to not lose the feel of the original.

But yeah, with three tunes here, and one from last week, you’ve gotten the sound and feel of the EP. Now march on out and get it for your own (HERE) like a good little trooper.

KRTS ‘Nothing Grows in Red Soil’ (The Foreigner 12″/EP – Project: Mooncircle, 2013) by PROJECT MOONCIRCLE

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