Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: xxStunned Tomcat

xxStunned Tomcat, or known to others as Pierre,  has a tune on this compilation, and concludes the compilation, actually, with one of those endings that makes you wish for oh so much more.   The man is busy as were many of the artists who were asked, but because he was integral in bringing a few of the artists on this compilation to my attention, it seemed criminal not to include something from him.  While this tune is not an exclusive, it is one that he graciously offered up for us to use and offer to you in case you missed it the first go around.

From being one of our great Foreign Correspondents to being yet another in the long line of French producers who are absolutely staking their claim of lovesteppy goodness and lushness, tomcat has filled our headspace with an atmosphere and ambience that transports us to any multitude of places our imagination is wont to travel. You know that with this tune, his back catalogue and various & sundry WIPs, xxStunned Tomcat (Soundcloud, Facebook) is just brimming with more class tunes and we are all anxiously awaiting their arrival.

The tune from PhaRo (a great producer pout of Belgium who we’ve featured before HERE) that precedes tomcat’s pair together so well as the conclusion pieces that when they are done, their sounds, and vibes reverberate in your ears to where you just have to hit replay. They can be interchangeable in order and still elicit the same response, which is rare, but quite cool. Also below, as a bonus, check this Stunned Tomcat tune from a month ago via our pals from Cosmonostro.

xxStunned Tomcat – ONE (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

PhaRo – Take Your Time (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

RELICS (Out on Cosmonostro Records) by XXStunnedtomcat//

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