Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: WTCHDCTR

WTCHDCTR is a guy that was first introduced to us when he signed on with the awesome Shoeboxx Records.  Ever since he’s continually popped out the goodness.  The first EP of his from of Shoeboxx affirmed the decision to bring him into the fold. The tune he’s given us for the Compilation (HERE) is, in a word, sensual. It’s not the one that drops the panties, but it definitely is the one that gets the sweat beading and the fingers kneading. This slow burn effort really is a great tune that works so well on it’s own, but could equally be as good with a vocalist, or vocal samples. It’s a great way to continue the vibe from Tommy Jacob’s track and keep the flow going.

We have definitely covered WTCHDCTR before, whether his EP, or his wonderful tune ‘Night Luv’, or his appearance on the Shoeboxx Compilation. This tune, coupled with Tommy Jacob’s could definitely be included alongside Juan Cristobal’s to be a fantastic troika of tunes.

So enjoy the Compilation, enjoy WTCHDCTR track, and see how it goes with the tunes from Tommy Jacob, and Juan Cristobal and show them all some love!

WTCHDCTR – Loop Existence (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

Tommy Jacob – Lust (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

Juan Cristobal – Passion (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

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