Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: SevnthWonder

SevnthWonder (Soundcloud, Facebook) is one of those artists that is always pushing his own boundaries and limits. A multi-instrumentalist and a guy who brings something new to every track he produces or remxes, SevnthWonder makes it interesting and elightful.

When we first featured SevnthWonder it was as a remixer of another track of an artist we like, but he quickly showed his merits as an artist to keep tabs on all his own. Many posts later, and an Exclusive track for us, and he continues to give us the laid back, chilled, and often times sexy vibes. Recently he’s released a few tunes off of labels that show that others out there are sitting up and taking notice. Below is his submission to our Chilled Wax compilation, but for some extra goodness, check out his latest tune off of Cream Collective and Cosmonostro, respectively.

Getting to know SevnthWonder has been awesome both on a musical and personal front, and it makes me excited where the future is going to take him. He’s one to keep an eye out for and he’s one to show some love and support to as well. He’s one of those artists that opens himself up to his fans and supporters, making support for him even easier.

SevnthWonder – Luv U Betta by CREAM COLLECTIVE

Day 03 : Sevnthwonder – Oceans ft. Chris Diamond by Cosmonostro

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