Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: sAuce

sAuce is one of those guys out of the Denver area that does the future bass/glitch so so well.  Being just as home in the west coast bass scene as the Denver bass scene, the guy has it down.  You remember sAuce as being the last guy to give Waxhole an exclusive, and he’s been featured on here before to be sure. But that’s not the sole reason why he is on the compilation. The fact that he’s steady putting out remixes and originals and collab’s as well, is another factor, but the main reason is that he keeps pushing the limits of what ‘future bass’ is all about. It’s always a moving target for sAuce and it’s always so enjoyabel to follow that target like a cat chasing a laser pointer. Once you figure you’ve got sAuce figured out, he goes and blows your top with Spankinz’, a project with new material releasing shortly and something that will be really good if previews are any indication.

The three tunes below show the a sliver of sAuce’s work and shows that you are in for a treat with his compilation submission. Melodic bass is a genre that is starting to make its rounds and with a vengeance. A lot of the west coast guys are trending towards this direction and sAuce is throwing his hat into the ring with his own very accomplished hand.

So check the tunes below, as well as that Hopscotch remix to see what you’re in store for. Ad following sAuce (Soundcloud, Facebook) is highly advisable. He’s taken a bit of a break this Fall, but he’s definitely back on the grind and ready to set 2014 on fire.

ill-esha & sAuce – Arctic Shadows by sAuce

Dirty Laundry by sAuce

SPANKiNZ – LOVE SPANK (The Untz Challenge IV Submission – VOTE NOW) by sAuce

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