Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: KR$CHN

The third artist on our list of those to highlight from our upcoming Chilled Wax Compilation (dropping Monday, the 16th) is the man known as KR$CHN.  One of the great contingent of Chicago based musicians that are not only making a name in the industry but also present here on the Compilation, shows his worth with release after release.  The tune being featured on the Compilation not only is of that standard exceptional fare, but it’s also off of an upcoming LP he will be releasing in 2014.  Full of collaborations and sexy Interludes the LP will be sure to please those close to KR$CHN and those who might not know of him yet.

It’s fair to say that KR$CHN is a relative newb to the Waxhole and the fact that he’s been featured not only with posts, but a Waxhole Exclusive as well shows that we may have been a little late to the party, but we’re furiously trying to catch up.  He’s not one to rely on past successes when he goes forward with a new track and he’s currently exploring different sounds and vibes, just as any artist worth their salt should also be doing.

So get to know KR$CHN (Soundcloud, Facebook) with the three tunes (and a bonus mix!) below, give him a follow, and get excited for his submission to the compilation!

Loft Apartment – Someone’s Will [KR$CHN Remix] by KR$CHN

KR$CHN – Brazilian Sun (MTHRFNKR Exclusive) by KR$CHN

Emily Coy – Slip By [KR$CHN Remix] by KR$CHN

S Y Z Y G Y Mix Series – Vol. 1 – KR$CHN (Free Download) by S Y Z Y G Y

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