Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: Kouben

Kouben rounds out the Introducing series with a Bang. A truly inspired and chilled out Bang, but one all the same.  You know Kouben (Soundcloud, Facebook) from our past postings and especially his great EP via Shoeboxx Recordings (HERE), and he’s come through with such a great tune on the compilation.  One of the few beatsmiths we pipped for the compilation, he came through with some niceness and made it such a great addition.  Following the sweaty drippiness of his fellow label mate WTCHDCTR, this tune gives us some more slow grinding vibes and atmosphere.  Along with Tommy Jacob’s class tune it comprises a wonderful troika of tunes that hooks you firmly in the Feels.

The absolute goodness that this tune drips with also goes great with two other tunes from the compilation, namely Gaszia and Resonata.  You also know Gaszia from many many posts on here of his stuff (and for good reason!), but Resonata (Soundcloud, Facebook) may be a little new to you all.  Well that will all change very very soon.  He has more in the hopper and I’m stoked to see what he does with the WIP’s.

So enjoy and get to know Kouben.  He has more in store for us all and it will be something that we will all be so much better for.

And most of all, as this series concludes, THANK YOU for tuning in and getting to know all of the great artists and people of the compilation.  It’s been fun and enjoyable every step of the way.

Kouben – Wake Up (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

Gaszia – Crazy (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

Resonata – Elise (Hit Rewind) Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation by Waxhole

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