Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: Juan Cristobal

Juan Cristobal, a very talented producer out of France, and someone we’ve posted about before is our first artist who is featured as one who will be on our Chilled Wax Volume II compilation due out in a week.   This producer is someone who can deal as effortlessly in remixes as well as collaborations and originals.  He’s got the chilled vibe in his bones and it shows through with every tune he produces.  This, among other reasons (mainly the quality of his tunes!), is why we pipped him for the compilation very early on.

Cristobal has a history of the sexy beats for over a year now, and as his sound has evolved, the quality has as well. Starting from scratch and the rough feeling that you see, still had the quality you might not expect from a producer starting out. Evolution, maturation, and growth have all taken place as is shown with any good artist worth their salt. Not satisfied with a certain genre, he’s been all over the place and I love that about him, and artists in general. One of the main artists to make the move to Cosmonostro, he has a solid foundation and a solid group of artists to issue tunes from, and while his music doesn’t need it to be good, it definitely doesn’t help!

Three tunes (and a bonus short mix!) below show this guy’s talent and sound and when the compilation drops on Monday the 16th, you’ll get another tune to add to your chilled and sexy arsenal. Follow Juan Cristobal (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter) for even more dope tunes than those highlighted below.

Love’s Prisoner by JUAN Cristobal

Tvne x Juan Cristobal – IWantYou (UTS) by TVNE.

KR$CHN & Juan Cristobal – Fck. Love, It’s Overrated. by JUAN Cristobal

Absolute Mix N°10 – Juan Cristobal by JUAN Cristobal

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