Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: Gaszia

One of the main guys I looked for for this compilation was Gaszia.  I’ve gotten to know Gaszia through the interwebs and have actually been able to hang out with him a little in person.  He’s one of those guys who is young, super talented, has a great work-ethic, and is at heart, a bonafide music-head.   All of these elements make it plain that this short time of him producing is just the tip of the iceberg.  The pairing of Gaszia with Xian (check their EP), another Salt Lake product is only helping develop his sound and technique.  To say that the partnership is one-sided, though, is not the case.  Xian is a wonderful producer as well, but he feeds off of Gaszia just as much as the reverse.  For us fans and consumers of music, we only benefit.

Three songs below show off why Gaszia (Soundcloud, Facebook) is such a treat.  His Dalle Ombre EP off of Damn Son, and who introduced us to Gaszia, by the way, is a great effort that introduced us to Gaszia’s chill, yet complex side.  Employing many more techniques and layers to create and embolden the haunting and oftentimes complex, Gaszia tunes into that side of us that wants something a little different, while remaining in a genre, or vibe that we’re accustomed to.

Check the tunes below as a precursor for the tune he’s dropping on the compilation.  It’s a great way to get introduced and become a fan.

See For Yourself by Gaszia by FutureGarageTheEDMNetwork

Pistol Shrimp (ft. Aaron Knute) – Moonshine (Gaszia Remix) by G∆SZI∆

∆∆∆∆∆ by G∆SZI∆

Mix Series 02: Flavor Of… Gaszia by Them Flavors

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