Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: DAILON

DAILON, out of the Bay Area is one of those dudes who I have followed for some time and one that I was so happy to see sign with the homies at Dirty//Clean. We are proud to bring him on as an artist for our Chilled Wax Compilation, Voolume II. His brand of tunes spans the gap between lovestep, and straight up ambient chill, and it’s all so good, no matter the mood.

The three tunes below give you a good feel for the atmosphere DAILON gives with all of his tunes. Candles lit, hunkered down under your favorite boo or blanket, and just enjoying the sounds as they wet the ears, and moisten the vibe, DAILON delivers whatever chill you need.

A few years ago, hearing DAILON, you might hear the bassy bounce that the West Coast specializes in, and last year, when I first got onto him, you would have heard the move from subtle bass to the more chill side of things, and this year he’s dabbled in the lovestep, sexy beats to really fill out his resume. But to think that he’s just a future soul guy would be a mistake. The tunes below you will see that this is most definitely not the case.

So check out the tunes, get to know DAILON (Soundcloud, Facebook) and look forward to the tune dropping on Monday.

Back2Feeln by DAILON

Move by DAILON

Nights | FREE DL via Bandcamp | by DAILON

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