Introducing Chilled Wax Compilation Artist: Amor, est

Amor, est, a great guest from the Chilled Wax compilation, is one of those guys who flies under the radar a bit,  but always shows up with those class tunes.  The first time I heard of him was a collab with a favorite of mine, Snubluck, in their project The tumtums (check their latest tune below as a Bonus).  It was my first glimpse and I was hooked.  But was he just a good collab partner and a so-so solo producer?  A quick perusal of his solo production confirmed that yes, he was as dope solo as well as in partnership with Snubluck.

So the love affair with Amor, est was cemented.  The fact that he’s also a member of the dope Dirty//Clean crew (along with DAILON), was that icing on top. A year ago, Amor put out an EP of just solo stuff (HERE) and that is as great today as it was when it dropped…even if I did miss it when it did. It encapsulates what I love about his music so much. Taking the beautiful, samples that employ everything from symponic strings, to Asian traditionals, but adding the off-kilter synth, and the drum patterns that make your body twitch in uncontrollable ways. You never know what you’re going to get with his tunes and thats what I love so much about his production.

His tune is one of the more upbeat of the chill tunes from the Compilation that starts out with some wubbyness that makes you wonder what compilation you’ve dialed into, but then settles into a melodic and lilting tune that brings you back to what you know. This juxtaposition is what amor, est is all about. A trickster with his music, he keeps you always guessing. I have included sAuce’s tune as a good pairing since these two are the most similar in style and feel and employs a hefty amount of bass at each turn. The fact that they’re boith from Denver is no coincidence. Denver’s bass scene is so damned good it only makes sense.

Amor, Est. – Anxiety And Metal Ships (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

sAuce – Let It Not Be True (Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation) by Waxhole

Snubluck & Amor, Est. – Water Drops by DIRTY//CLEAN

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