IAMNOBODI Knows What You Need and Want

iamnobodiIAMNOBODI, just dropped an EP off of Soulection and I’ve been waiting patiently til Sexy Sunday to bring it to your ears.  It’s that great combination of soulful vibes and driving beats that we all love from IAMNOBODI and Soulection artists as a whole. You know that vibe where you aren’t sure if you should get deep with or just have fun to it, well this EP is all of that. It could serve just as well with a cognac or a PBR in your hand.

The tunes from this 5 track EP are not just an amalgamation of random beats with no common thread or vibe.  This EP has 5 vibes going with the quality remaining constant throughout.  For example, the tune ‘Hiatus’, blurs the lines between future R&B and jazz and it makes you like either direction equally.  The tune that follows, has a sense of a 90’s soul jam, but it’s oh so current.  The first track, also below, is one of those that you could listen to in a smoky night club, or in your kitchen and get the same amount of feels and vibes.

So check these three tunes below, cop the EP and show IAMNOBODI (Soundcloud, Facebook) some well deserved love.

Ecstatic by IAMNOBODI [Official]

Dancing In Eden by IAMNOBODI [Official]

Needs & Wants & Bad Habits by IAMNOBODI [Official]

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