Getting To Know I Kicked A Cloud Once

I Kicked A Cloud Once is an artist I have been following for awhile but really haven’t posted much of.  Many of our contemporaries have also been in on IKACO whether it be Waxhole HQ, Damn Son HQ, Shoeboxx HQ, and other HQ’s, he’s been a hot name. So why has it taken so long to highlight this producer and his tunes, you might ask. Well, it is certainly not because his quality is not Waxhole worthy, I just haven’t found a great time/way to introduce him to you all.

But now it’s time. The fact that he just released a Flume remix that needs to be heard is the impetus and I hope you all forgive me for keeping him from you for so long.  Even though this tune is a remix, IKACO has a huge amount of originals that need to be heard. A few of those originals are below and show that his style, while mostly on the beats front are always so very on point. It’s tough to call anything ‘Future’ anymore, not because that genre is done, but more because once Future becomes a well-established genre, it’s not quite Future anymore, is it? But in strict genre classification land, which I don’t delve into too deeply, this artist fits perfectly.

This remix of Flume’s tune ‘Ezra’, shows that he is as comfortable working off of a solid foundation as he is producing something from the ground up. The third track below shows his comfort working with an acapella. You will also notice of the three tracks of his I’m highlighting below, the quality of his sound is always present. Even with straight up beats, he’s never repetitive or boring, and any beat would sound just as good on its own as it would with an MC or singer. The disparate rhythms, the many atmospheric layers, the synth work, and the attention to crisp sound design make it evident that this producer out of Berlin will be a big name soon. Very soon.

So check these tunes, and give IKACO a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook). He’s definitely poised to take off.

Flume – Ezra (I Kicked A Cloud Once, Remix) by I Kicked A Cloud Once

shawarma by I Kicked A Cloud Once

STRT LIFE by I Kicked A Cloud Once

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