Gettin Autonomous!

The Autonomous Array compilation, volume III, is one put out by a booking agency. Usually you have labels or blogs putting out compilations, but not usually booking agencies. But with the level of talent that Autonomous has, I am not hating on this concept. While some of these tunes are not new, some are and for those that may not know some of these artists, this compilation is a great way to get introduced. 25 tracks from 25 very solid artists and many of Waxhole’s friends and fam. Whether rage-facing to Ill-esha’s ‘Whiplash Recovery’, or groovin down with Polish Ambassador’s ‘Rootshine Revival’, this compilation truly does have a little something for everyone.

The tunes below are from some friends, and artists we really like( those two things are definitely not mutually exclusive). You know Tor, you know Little People, and you definitely know Blockhead. But you probably didn’t know these tunes as these are new and just for you.

So grab the FREE compilation and enjoy!

Tor – Loop Theory by torsmusic

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