Four Pack Of Friendly Tunes

Homies making music is about the best thing.  Not only are they great tunes, but dope people as well, that make it oh so easy to support.  We have a few remixes and an original and they show why we love their music so.

First off we have the man Snubluck out of Denver taking on a luminary in the music industry these days. Snubluck’s taken Flume and turned it into some loveliness that he usually leaves for his collabs with amor, est, but here he’s given us some lushness to enjoy. This tune is off of a dope compilation from Pragmatic Theory that we’ll focus more on in the future, but you need to go get it now!

Then there is the wonderful Ambassadeurs with a track he debuted on Vice/THUMP and I mean, come on..this music thing just isn’t fair when he churns out the goodness like this on the regular.  This among other subtle developments is proof that for us wondering why he isn’t a bigger deal around the music industry, well it’s starting to happen. And I couldn’t be more happy for it to start.

The third track is from the man Bear//Face and his remix of Childish Gambino.  Once again the homey out of NI has put his signature sexy time touch on a class tune all in of itself.

And then as if this threesome wasn’t already quite tasty, but the man, the myth, and the legend, Colin of Pigeon Hole remakes JT into something bass heavy and steamy. You think that Colin has moved into the emotional side of music, check out the video for the remix. Ohh Swayze!

So you know these guys from reading the blog and it’s no different now as then, that they are all great dudes, they all make great music and they all deserve your love and support. Enjoy!

More Than You Thought – Flume (Snubluck Remix) by Snubluck

Make Me by Ambassadeurs

Childish Gambino -Telegraph Ave [Bear//Face Bootleg] by B E A R / / F A C E

Justin Timberlake – My Love (Pigeon Hole Remix) by ₵OL!И

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