Enjoying Joe Ford’s Culture

Joe Ford goes ham on this EP (HERE). It’s equal parts jamming, and technical, which doesn’t always happen in today’s music.  But to expect anything less, really would be disingenuous because the guy slays with everything he does.  The EP he just dropped off of Inspected Records is a 5 tune concoction of head neck breaking beats, and lip biting atmosphere.

This isn’t an anemic 5 tune EP, we have here either.  It’s one of those endeavors that brings you to such a place that when the ending tune fades to silence, you’ve  been left with an empty feeling.  An empty feeling that can be easily rectified by hitting the Replay on the EP.

Below you will see three tunes from the five that allow you to get the overwhelming gist of how great this release is and to cajole, prod, and encourage you to either iTunes or Beatport to download the thing in its entirety.

And give Ford (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow as well.  He’s steady putting out mixes, tracks and previews of his upcoming releases.

Asa & Joe Ford – Real Talk by Joe Ford dnb

Joe Ford – Distilled by Joe Ford dnb

Joe Ford – Villain by Joe Ford dnb

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