Durty Larry & Massive Giant Come With The Bass

The Durty Larry project is of the one formerly know as Exzakt. Massive GIANT otherwise known as BFX, and LowFreq combine with Durty to complete this EP of everything from electro trap, to melodic bass, to straight up trap with one element always at the forefront, and always on point. The Bass. The bass that set the Florida scene apart in the 80’s and 90’s with their booty bass heavyweights. I was never into the booty bass scene, but that was mostly because I never had a system worthy of pumpin that sound. I do remember perusing the CD racks and endless compilations of random DJ’s with one booty bass hit to their name and the CD covers..always with the juiciest ass in a thong. But, I digress. This is about Durty Larry and his bringing out the over-arching element of that sound. Even though the 808’s and 909’s are still there, the bass overlays a much different sound and one that traverses a lot of different feels in just the 5 tracks.

They and Muti Music were kind enough to give Waxhole readers a free download of a tune from the EP, ‘Think About Me’ below. It’s one of those that shows you the bass damned near from the start and never lets you go. Employing elements of trap that I love so much, and giving you some great head noddin break downs, this tune is set to get your weekend started early. The last tune of the EP is also a good one and is a more melodic affair, with vocals and synth lines that bely the eletro club banger feel of the opening tune.

Exploring many sound and vibes, Durty Larry, Massive GIANT, and LowFreq have put together a tidy EP that has a little something for everybody. Grab the free download that they were kind enough to let you all have, and grab the EP in its entirety HERE. Showing Muti Music and the Durty Larry guys some love wouldn’t hurt either.

Durty Larry, Massive GIANT – Think About Me by Waxhole

Durty Larry, Massive GIANT – Never Turn Back by Muti Music

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