slugabedSlugabed, that guy, you know. That guy who always seems to be lurking ion the shadows ready to drop fire on you, then disappear into the night like a dank ninja. And who is distributing this nice little 2 track EP? Ninja Tune, naturally.

The first tune below, ‘DO U C ME THO’ starts out as a nice little dreamy trap concoction, but by 1:25 you’ve been powerdriven with pitched brass and a bass line that makes your stank face automatically engage. By the time the tune draws to a close you’re back to dreamy trap with some evangelist yammerings overlayed making you realize the trip you’ve been on was no ordinary one. Knowing Slugabed, though, this is the norm.

The second tune ‘U RIGHT’ is one of those tunes that starts out heavy and dense like you’re about to go full on rage face, but you realize shortly after you’re in for more of a wonky experience, but truly by the middle of the tune, you’ve succumbed to just how Slugabed likes to treat you…with joy as he leads you from one way to the next. He’s like some dude with a laser pointer, and we’re cats trying to catch that elusive dancing dot.

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DO U C ME THO by Ninja Tune

U RIGHT by Ninja Tune

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