Damn, That Aki Aki Is Good

Aki Aki, a producer out of the hotbed of Germany is one of those guys who has a modest stable of tunes published on his Soundcloud, but what he does have there is really good stuff. The kind of chilled out stuff you love hearing on a recovery or lazy day, yet with enough bounce in there to get your head bobbin and toes tapping. Aki Aki doesn’t let you get too comfy with his noises before he turns up the heat and lets you simmer with the goodness.

I was hipped to this guy via good friend of the blog Frontcannon and I’ve been happy following ever since.

Below are three tune of his that I really love and just shows the level of producer that he is. We can only hope there is more to come from the talented producer.  The first tune, ‘Damn’, is off of a great compilation album (HERE) which showcases a lot of talent from around the world.  And even with 23 tunes, Aki Aki’s stands out as one of the better ones.  The second tune, a remix from a great EP off of Crackling Claps (HERE) shows that Aki Aki is as good a remix artist as original producer.  And the third tune, an older affair is from his EP, entitled ‘Hectic’ (HERE), and when you hear this EP, you’ll know it’s just one of 5 amazing tunes.

So give Aki Aki a foillow and show himn some love.  2014 promises to bring more from the man and I cannot wait.


Cholombian – HITRP feat. Gee (Aki.Aki Remix) by AKI AKI

KNWN by Aki.Aki by FutureGarage.NET

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