Cultivating Kiings’ Garden

nullKiings is busy working on a new album as well as setting their local live scene on fire.  But they haven’t forgotten that we, their fans, really do enjoy their music and love having new stuff dropping as we wait for the album.  This new tune they’re dropping involves a great vocalist, Christopher Porterfield, and it;s a beautiful continuation of great work with a vocalist.  You might remember our first exposure to the great lads of Kiings and their work with a vocalist with the tune ‘You Can’t See Me’ featuring Christine Hoberg. Knowing that they are not only very successful with working with vocalists and the fact that there will be a few tunes in the upcoming album with vocalists, it is something that I know I’m looking forward to.

This tune below, though, specifically puts the vocals front and center, employing a production style that is unobtrusive, but compliments the vocals so well. Setting a nice backbeat that also includes some atmospheric synths, you get the full package from this tune. And the fact that it can be had for whatever you want to pay is the icing on the cake.

Enjoy this tune, follow Kiings (Soundcloud, Facebook) because there is much more goodness to follow.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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