Come Join the Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi MizuIf you’re not yet familiar with Jacuzzi, don’t be alarmed. This young producer has hit the ground running with his foray into the music scene beginning this summer, quickly making a name for himself among the bass music producer rankings. His debut EP “Mizu” is an epic trap soundtrack, complete with movie-score instrumentals and hard hitting bass.
You can grab the entire ep for free here. Keep up with Jacuzzi’s updates on twitter and facebook to stay posted on what he’s up to as well. On with the tunes!


The EP begins with “Exodus,” an appropriately titled track that sounds like it was taken straight from an orchestral Final Fantasy soundtrack, which I totally dig! For a minute, I actually forgot I was listening to an electronically produced EP, but about half way through the song, it drops into a head-bobbing trap beat, setting the vibe for what’s to come.

Exodus by jacuzzi

The next track, “Tundra” contradictory to its name, is a heater of a tune that will surely make your booty shake with its catchy lead and intense trombone hits. This one is definitely made to unleash the hidden twerker within us all.

Tundra by jacuzzi

Luxury begins with sharp arpeggios and more cinematic booms that unexpectedly drops into another certified trap banger that almost seems like an interlude to the next track..

Luxury by jacuzzi

Loose Ends seems to be the climax of what Luxury began. It has an epic orchestral beginning and such a huge drop that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this in a trap-based blockbuster.

Loose Ends by jacuzzi

The closing track, “Curtain Call” is a nice send-off for the EP. The tune is bouncy with light stringed synths and a groovy beat. It eventually fades to grey with drippy samples and lush bowed chords, ending the epic aural journey.

Curtain Call by jacuzzi

In case you missed it earlier, this entire ep is available for free here. You can keep with Jacuzzi on twitter and facebook, while the rest of his tunage is right on his soundcloud.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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