CBR With Some Silky Smooth Jams

CBR (Soundcloud, Facebook) is an 18 y/o beatmaker from France. Cosmonostro recently put out his EP entitled “Alone” for free download and it’s just fantastic. I found CBR through a repost on Soundcloud, and “Road Trip” was the first track I heard. Having taken multiple cross country road trips throughout my life, this track really hit home and had a relatable element to it that left me wanting more. Lucky me, it was only one of the many great tracks on his free EP. I don’t know if it’s the smooth Rhodes riffs, or the groovy hip-hop rhythm, but this track has me hooked.

As a bonus, there are two Bonus tracks that remix some classics of 2013, remaking them into jazzy renditions that I haven’t seen done before.

Don’t forget to check out the EP in it’s entirety HERE, and show CBR and Cosmonostro some love for giving away this fantastic effort..

Day 12 : CBR – Road Trip by Cosmonostro

Day 12 : Goldroom – Fifteen ft. Chela (CBR Remix) (Bonus Track) by Cosmonostro

Day 12 : Sohn – The Wheel (CBR Remix) (Bonus Track) by Cosmonostro

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