Catchin Up To Woody’s Produce

Woody’s Produce is still here and throwin down the great jams, folks.  Looking back at our post history of Woody, it is clear to see that I’m not just late on the few tracks you see below, but on a lot of his stuff.  Sometimes I forget that my enjoyment of an artist doesn’t transport to you if I don’t post it!  Sorry to you all and sorry to Woody,m because his work deserves the accolades.

So let’s dive into what Woody has been up to since we last covered him way back in May.  The first two tracks you see below are remixes he’s done for Young Galaxy and Naughty Boy.  Two remixes that show a more pop sensibility to the producer out of Cali, without drawing him completely into that realm.  He still has his quintessential Woody sound that brings some of that west coast hip hop vibe to anything he does. That Young Galaxy though is a funky indie dance jam that employs more synthy pop elements than I’m used to from Woody, but that’s what makes me like it even more!

The third track is of his newest project, producing for female MC, Raven Sorvino, on her EP ‘Queen of HeArtz’. The project brings together Woody and an MC for a cohesive couple of tracks and it shows a promising and exciting career for those who follow Woody.

And follow Woody you should! He’s got greatness all over his Soundcloud, and his Facebook updates you on all things current and future. So give him a follow and show him some love. Word is that he’s busy busy, locked away in his studio so we’ll have a lot more to have and to hold in the near future.

Young Galaxy- Sea Drug (WoodysProduce Remix) by WoodysProduce

Naughty Boy- LA LA LA (WoodysProduce Remix) by WoodysProduce

4. Raven Sorvino- Cum On (prod. by WoodysProduce) by WoodysProduce

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