Buku Goin Click Clack

Buku, that dude, who puts out banger after banger is about to drop another EP on our heads like an anvil, and unlike Wiley Coyote, we’re actually looking forward to it.  Maybe you don’t know Buku?  Maybe you don’t like the heavy bangerang kinda tunes?  Well tough shit, homes, because this joint is what you need for your New Years Eve.  Whether you’re gettin ready to have a quiet romantic time with your boo, or a raging liver shrivelling night out, this tune is what you need to get hyped.  The fact that EP drops in its entirety the end of January is just enough time for you to purchase and try to salve the soul after one of a litany of NYE regrets.  Or for those who had a great time, the EP is a great way to continue the NYE buzz.

Buku (soundcloud, Facebook) has got your back, don’t worry.  He knew what you needed before you needed it and this EP is the cure.  So go ahead and pre-order the thing right now and have at the ready.  Get that EP HERE and check his upcoming live dates HERE for some jammin good times.

And count yourself lucky, we all have a need for some recovery after NYE, but we haven’t always had a great EP like Buku’s to recover to.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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