Anvil Hands, Bell’s Worth, & Selerac Do Gaszia So Good

A few months ago we featured a dope split EP from our homies from the S-L-C (and Damn Son), Xian and Gaszia.  Recently they hosted a remix competition and received some really great responses.  Christmas Day they gave us the winners and runner up, and man are they tasty!

The winner, Bell’s Worth (Soundcloud, Bandcamp), is an artist who is a realtive newcomer, and a new one for me, but one who I am now following avidly.   A very chill producer, this Gaszia remix shows some really dope atmosphere and textures from him and with the disparate crunchings and crackles and a beat that’s so nice and off-beat that it’s a winner for me as well.  But hold the phone…Anvil Hands, who was deemed runner up, has given us a tune to not just give the trophy to Bell’s Worth as a given.

Anvil Hands (Soundcloud, Facebook), also a new one to me is not only someone who destroyed this remix, but he’s got great tunes in the backcatalogue as well.  The recent EP, Cosm, is definitely worth a listen for those chill vibes that alternate between ambient and chillstep.

No third place was given, but I’m including another favorite that employs the chill dnb vibes and does it quite well. Selerac (Soundcloud, Facebook) is the artist who chimed in with this one and knocked it out of the park. Really, any three of these could have won top prize and there were others done by homies Libations & Oscillations, and SU:FX that were also so very good.

So listen for yourself and see who you’d have as the winner, or one not listed above even!

Gaszia – You [Bell’s Worth Remix] by Bell’s Worth

Gaszia – You (Anvil Hands Remix) by Anvil Hands

Gaszia – You (Selerac Remix) by Selerac

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