With Persian Empire, We’re Safe Often

persian empire safe oftenPersian Empire just dropped an EP from the homies at Cosmonostro and holy shit this is greatness.  Four tracks that transport you seamlessly from light and airy w to dark and haunting with the very next tune and in the same breath.  For example, the transition from the third track, ‘Lemonade’ to the fourth track, ‘BA03’ is like stepping from a sunlit patio drinking espresso and enjoying the birdsong and quiet foot traffic, to walking into a cellar of a long abandoned residence where the glass is warped, chair’s pushed halfway to the table and dust on the floor so thick you leave footprints.  This juxtaposition of feelings, sounds and vibes makes this 4 track EP sound like so much more. To say I was scrambling for the replay button is an understatement

And for me, this is my first glimpse at the man so you better believe I will be digging through his back catalogue for more. So check this EP, grab it for free and give not only Persian Empire (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow, but Cosmonostro (Official Site, Soundcloud) as well.

Persian Empire – Rare Bird by Cosmonostro

Persian Empire – Safe Often by Cosmonostro

Persian Empire – Lemonade by Cosmonostro

Persian Empire – BA03 by Cosmonostro

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