Unwrapping This Ace Shoeboxx Compilation

Shoeboxx Recording’s Volume One is a compilation album that brings together their great stable of artists that have grown to 9 wonderful artists in under 9 months. It’s been exponential growth and the quality of the artists maintains at that great level of exceptional talent. Each artist is represented in the compilation (HERE) and they all show their talent and their sound so very well in their respective selections. From Groove Cereal’s funky trip hop, to Dr. Kananga’s jazzy beats, to Eest Coast’s lovely lovestep, and Real Cosby’s luscious production and composition, this compilation has it all.

Summing up a fantastic 2013 that saw the formation, the growth and the great successes of each release, it shows that Shoeboxx won’t just fade away after one or two releases but keep growing, and keeping that wonderful spark of something new, something cutting edge and a whole lot of quality. We’ve been with them from the start, and you know all of these artists if you’ve followed the blog and now its time to recognize the label that brings them all together. From England, to Canada, to various points o the US, this collection of artists is just the foundation. And what a foundation to build upon.

So grab this great compilation, show some support and for those artists you dig, look out for their releases on the one and only Shoeboxx Records (Soundcloud, Facebook).

Laika by Real Cosby

Myself by Eest Coast

You’re Alone by Moss Point

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