UNSUB Takes Us On A Detour

UnsubTo get caught up because life is crazy and the music never stops we go back a few days and make sure that no one skipped over the latest EP that dropped from UNSUB (Soundcloud, Facebook). The Detour is an EP of tracks that where left over after sorting out her Misadventures LP . With various styles included it’s hard not to find something you will like on this release. The grinding and deep bass guides us through multiple genres in the drum and bass, dubstep, and drumtek fields.  It also includes the track “Torn” which was written while Unsub was completely deaf after head surgery in 2011. The surprising gem is a VIP (Variation In Production) version of UNSUB’s “Swiftly Golightly” which takes us on a dub-twisted 108 bpm future moombah joint. 

All in all this is a solid release filled with great tunes that even though they didn’t fit on the LP but where still worthy of getting out to the public. Whether you are a casual electronic listener or a DJ looking for dancefloor weapons head on over and pick this one up.


Swiftly Golightly VIP


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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