Threepack Of Chilled Goodness From Mao, Aeropsia, and Sunni Colon

You all know that we here at Waxhole like to give you music with a tad bit of content just so you know we actually have listened to the tune and didn’t just throw a link at you. We also don’t want to inundate you with words when the music usually suffices.  But there are some times when time gets away and the songs sit there looking pleadingly at you to just be posted already! In thoise instances I’ll throw up a three or four pack to sate your appetites as well as clean my conscience. This threepack is a prime example of one of these times, and because we have such a good friend of the blog, Ms. Gem, who finds dope music on the daily (Check out the blog she contributes to while you’re at it). Two of the tracks below are from our favorite Gem, and the other by the homey Aeropsia has come just on it’s own.

The Aeropsia track is part of a 3 track EP and you can get it HERE (also check out the tune with KK Smitten!),and all three tunes deserve a listen. The next two tunes from Mao, featuring Dems, and Sunni Colon, respectively, show some great talent from some artists I had never heard of before, but who I now will be following carefully. While they all deserve their own features, I’m sure with the talent they have this will come sooner than later.

Moments Ft. John Otott by Aeropsia

Mao Feat. Dems “No Love” by Mao *

Jezebel (prod. Sunni Colòn) by Sunni Colón

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