Tha Trickaz Rescue Your Monday

Tha Trickaz If your ready to turn your Monday morning up to eleven then put down that weak coffee, put on your headphones, and hold on. There is no rescue from the audio assault Tha Trickaz (Soundcloud, Facebook) have unleashed on us this morning. “No Rescue” is the name of the newest release from the dynamic French duo of Dj iRaize & Pho. This is also the inaugural release on Tha Trickaz new all free music record label Otodayo (Website, Soundcloud, Facebook). That’s right, an all free record label.

Tha Trickaz track brings us some straight up hot fire as they combine their aggressive MPC and beat juggling skills with their signature huge bass. This time with some updated percussion sounds to give those kids the taste of that trap they all crave. The Figure (Soundcloud, Facebook) remix gives us a piece of gold for any DJ’s bag. It’s a four on the floor remix of the track that drops into banging Drum and Bass after the break. Put it in your crate now and you’ll thank me when the crowd looses their minds later.

If that wasn’t enough they also have dropped us a live video featuring the insane shows that they are capable of putting on. All in all this is a solid release from Tha Trickaz and one that heralds many more exciting releases to come from the new Otodayo. Also did I mention it was free? You had better be hitting that share button.

Figure Remix

Live Video

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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