Tasty Treats All Around!

TastyTreat - You Got Me ArtI originally started following TastyTreat for the duo’s recent slew of club bangers they’ve been putting out over the past several months. Their newest production takes a different turn, combining elements of jersey club, trap, and some tasty uniqueness into a beautiful progressive journey of bass.

You Got Me starts out as what you would think is a standard take on the recent Jersey Club craze, beginning with a piano riff, vocal chops and the iconic breakbeat. It grows towards a beautiful, spacious build that climaxes into a groovy juke-inspired bass line and twinkling piano chords. The song slows down and the haunting vocals return, only to be chopped up and joined by a synth which grows into the final drop, complete with lush chords and huge bass. As the song winds down, it washes up and out into a dreamy soundscape.

Grab the free download HERE and keep up with TastyTreat on Twitter and Facebook to stay posted with their updates, music, and other happenings.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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