TASO Reminds Us LB4$

TASO, that future bass dude out of…is here with a 6 track EP off of the great Muti Music label and y’know what, the synthy purple sounds that emit through the speakers are not your grandma’s purple…from y’know, last year…but rather a sense of melody through atmosphere rather than wandering synth lines.  TASO’s own heavy beats permeate the lushness like a tank rolling through a clover-laden meadow, and I love how he juxtaposes the heavy perc’s with the lovely synths and production. Adding vocal chops to the mix just heightens the sense of vibing out to this EP.

Of the 6 tunes on the EP I have selected my favorite three for you to sample, roll around on your tongue, sniff the aroma, observe the wonderful hue, and digest slowly as only a musical connoisseur should. The first one, ‘Dio’, employs such a layered approach to a bassy tune you almost forget how it all began, as the progression never let you down. The second track, ‘Tessera’, is perhaps my favorite of the whole damned EP, is one of those lovesteppy type songs that gives you the bass for your face, but lets you still go sexytime with your partner, stuffed animal, or body pillow, or whatever you crazy fuckers do behind closed doors. The last tune I included was a tough decision between EP opener ‘Ena’, and EP closer ‘Exi’, but the closing tune ended up winning because while the opener shows you what you’re about to enjoy, the closer seals the deal that you definitely need these tunes in your life. Definitely.

So go get ’em (HERE). Show some love to Muti Music, and definitely give TASO (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow

TASO – Dio by Muti Music

TASO – Tessera by Muti Music

TASO – Exi by Muti Music

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