SugarBeats Are Unbelievable

SugarBeats, the duo out of the Bay Area are some dudes who just like having a blast. You can tell with their live sets, them as people, and most of all by their music. They’re the guys who know what to do to make you move your body however you or they want you to. And this little 4 track EP dropping from Muti Music is case in point of the stuff that’ll make you groove. Like pop rocks in a coke can, the sounds percolate and pop all around and through your auditory cavities. The bass is always there, the drums are always there to keep your head steady on the downbeat and the funky synth lines keep that ass movin like your name was Chantal Diamond, or Heather ‘BoomBoom’ LaPierre or some other ridiculous stripper name.

This tune, the opener is good enough to get the party started and a great one to return to as soon as the 4th track comes to an end. Being able to listen to the entire EP it’s plain to see that while I like this tune the most, the rest of the EP has plenty to offer as well. You like harder charging beats? Cool, you got ’em. You like the more heavy bass?? Cool you got that too. The EP has you covered whether you like the heavy or the funky. What it will not let you do, though, is sit down and chill. This EP is 4 tracks of unadulterated fun.

The duo has been getting some great press and have been taking their balls out great time to the masses, recently winning the Insomniac Events ‘Discovery Project” where got to play a big set at Escape from Wonderland festival The fact that they’re in another competition to perform at SnowGlobe and it’s proving that these guys have what it takes to set a festival crowd off!

So give SugarBeats (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow and show them some love! They’ll be in your headphones and as things are going, at a festival near you!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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