SoulCircuit Gets Housey With It

When I posted this tune from SoulCircuit back in March I knew I had found an act to follow for those ghetto house vibes I love so much.  And they’ve now given an EP that includes this tune as well as two more to further solidify that for those house vibes, SoulCircuit is one duo to keep on the radar.

Where SMOKEFUNKSTACK used copious amounts of Biggie chops, the 2nd tune on the EP uses copious amounts of Timbaland chops punctuated by a progression that starts quite minimal, then employs a heavy dose of bass and by the end you’re just raging all over the shop.  The first tune from the EP, starts you off quite chill and slowly building from high hats and four to the floor to a fully recognized bass jam that makes you question where you started, but absolutely loving where you ended up.

So check out this EP, get it HERE and show the guys of SoulCircuit some love!

Dirty South [Out Now] by SoulCircuit

You Give To Me [Out Now] by SoulCircuit

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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