Sorrow Has Us Warring So Good

Sorrow Warring EPWe’ve really given you the beautiful and sexy jams today, but lest you think we’ve fully submerged into our blanky’s and broken out the cardamom tea and scones, check this wonderful six track EP, entitled ‘Warring’, from Sorrow that dropped a few weeks ago for some grimey, grimey bass.  You might know Sorrow (Soundcloud, Facebook) for his wonderfully ambient and haunting garage tunes, so when you listen to this you might do a doubletake…as I sure did.  But once you get over the fact that this is the same Sorrow who produced such beauties as the Dreamstone, and Art Is Dead EPs and realize that he’s applied his same mastery of production to a different sound you realize that this is really quite good as well, albeit a much different sound.

The three tracks I’ve selected below do a few things in that they give you a really great idea of what the EP is al about, but also spans a few different feels and really gets you in the mood to g fully into the entire EP. That the first tune below, ‘Farce Riddim’, goes full on wonkatron and serves the crazy beats cascading around your head like you’re trapped in the middle of a drum circle. The second track seems to bridge the garage and grime waters a bit, without truly giving into either fully and really works on so many levels. The third track, ‘Scoundrel’, is my favorite up to this point and it’s full out grimey grimey and I love it so. It’s three tracks that pack such a punch for just a mere 3 quid and if you aren’t hitting the replay button by the end of it, well then, I guess get out that cardamom tea.

I just hope people embrace the music as it is meant to be enjoyed and forget about what they ‘expect’ of an artist, which is pretty ludicrous in and of itself to expect an artist to never grow or experiment, but then that’s a rant for another day.

Sorrow – Farce Riddim by Sorrow.

Sorrow – Rate That Tune by Sorrow.

Sorrow – Scoundrel by Sorrow.

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