So Many Chill Tunes For Your Sunday

It’s here once again, folks. It’s Sunday, your sluggish and possibly hungover from the nights prior and you need a reason to stay in bed just that little bit longer. There are three tunes below that will help facilitate just that! Usually I stop at three tunes so as not to overwhelm you in your need to recover and lay low, but there are just too many tunes to sit on. I mean I already posted a sexysexy tune early, so take a listen to all of these tunes, some from well-established and well covered artists like Mura Masa and Jeftuz, to those you just might not know, like CRI$P, Manja, and ANDRU.

So listen, get to know those artists you don’t know already, and enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Tough On You by MURA MASA ™


Josef Salvat – Hustler || Cri$p x Manja (Remix) by CRIVP

MANJA || Searchin For by MANJA.

Zendaya – Replay (Jeftuz remix) by Jeftuz

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