Slabofmisuse Floating On That Reality

slabofmisuseSlabofmisuse has been a consistent feature here on the blog. Ever since the homey Dank of the bad-ass Gravy crew hipped us to this dude it’s been church. Everything the dude throws down has been ace and I lap up everything he lays out. So when this 6 track EP dropped yesterday, yeah I was excited and ready to tear into it like a kid torqued on high fructose pancake syrup on Christmas morning. And when I got knee deep into the EP I realized this wasn’t a continuation of Slab’s past releases that married wonky with trap and bass, but more melodic, trip hoppy, and more IDM even (even though I really hate that term). The textures are there, if not more understated, and the fact that each tune builds to a droning crescendo to sometimes fade out again into silence just gives you that sense that you’re on a trip somewhere a little off-kilter, but still enjoying the ride all the same.

By the time the third track hits with an almost trip hop feel, you’ve forgotten what you thought you knew of Slabofmisuse.  Sure, I miss his special brand of wonked out bass, but y’know these new sounds are pretty fantastic as well, so we listeners win…yet again!

So check the tunes below, check the EP in its entirety and follow Slab (Soundcloud, Facebook) and his new label DRK & LVLY (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more info when the EP becomes available for purchase on 11/25

SLABOFMISUSE – We Float Reality by DRK&LVLY Records

SLABOFMISUSE – The Limitless by DRK&LVLY Records

SLABOFMISUSE – Six Untitled Monsters by DRK&LVLY Records

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