Shlohmo, Sieren, and Shatter Hands, Oh My!

It’s just too much sometimes.  When favorite artists dump their new new on your head, it’s impossible to keep up!  So instead of having you all wait for us to catch up and write our flowery words to these guys’ most deserving of tunes, I figure we’ll give them to you quickly and save the verbosity to your imagination.

So yeah, Shlohmo with a new remix, Sieren with a new tune and Shatter Hands with a new remix.  That they all start with the letter ‘S’?  well thats just a coincidence, but it fits a pattern and it gives us a tenuous reason to group them all together in one post.  The main reason, though?  Yeah these are all great tunes and you need them in your ears, like right now!

Sieren – Burning Lights [Free Download] by sieren

Haerts – Wings (Shlohmo Remix) by shlohmo

Nanome – Hurter (Shatter Hands Remix) by Shatter Hands

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