sAuce Getting Emotional With Hopscotch

Remix competitions are some great things.  Sure the judging is usually out of whack and sure your Facebook feed gets a little clogged from everyone asking for your support, but aside from those trivial facts is that you get a lot of your artists remixing tracks and they start dropping on you from left and right.  Those that don’t win, well they become free downloads for us fans and who can complain about that?  This joint here, sAuce was nice enough to let us host, and it’s really quite good.  I couldn’t even tell you who won the competition, but this tune here is a slower melodic bass tune that borders on wonky, and you know I have no issue with that!

Taking the vocals and passing them through the reverse grinder, employing a few samples that I know from somewhere, and throwing in that bass that sAuce does so well it makes this tune a haunting, yet quite enjoyable track.  The remix may not have won, but we all win with this free piece of goodness!

Following sAuce (Soundcloud, Facebook) is a great idea as well as the dude is starting to rev up some projects, one of which is the Spankinz project with him, MetaTron and Simpleton. Spankinz was one of my first exposures to sAuce and when I posted him back in 2012, I had no idea he’d still keep going with some of the goodness. I’m happy he is.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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