Putting Our Trust In Russ Liquid’s Promises

Russ Liquid just dropped a new EP entitled ‘Promises’, and to say that it’s one of the better offerings from him to date is saying a lot.  He’s always produced such great tunes and as a live performer he belies his production a bit.  This EP is a great show of both studio and live feels of Liquid’s as he is capable of producing loveliness such as ‘We Are Here’, and ‘Arana’ but at the heart of it all, Russ is a wonky, dude behind the production table. Sometimes employing trumpet and flute in his live sets, and an absolute perfect amount of bass, with off beat percs and basslines, you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next. The tunes such as ‘Free Mason’, ‘Star of David’, and ‘Murder’ exemplify the general vibe of his live sets and I for one am a fan. I was lucky enough to see him perform at Art Outside festival just recently and he didn’t disappoint, even tagging up with the prior artist NiCo Luminous, playing trumpet while NiCo freestyled over the bass heavy production of Liquid. One of the better moments of the festival to be sure.

The 8 track EP at hand, though, is a truly great intro guide to Russ if you’ve never heard, or a great companion piece to his other works for those who do know the dude. I suggest as a PWYW kind of deal, you’d be crazy not to snap it up. Follow the guy (Soundcloud, Facebook) at least and show him some love. His musics truly deserve it!

We Are by russliquid

Star Of David by russliquid

Promises by russliquid

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