Playing Marbles With Phazz Is A Must

phazz marblePhazz’s new EP, ‘Marble’, off of Cream Collective is nothing but loveliness packed into a 4 track EP.  The homey out of Lyon just continues to kill the music thing.  He’s been steady releasing originals and remixes alike, and this EP caps it all to this point with a goddamned exclamation point.  A soft, silky, incense-draped exclamation point.

The opening tune, ‘Hold Me’, sounds like it could be a valentine or some sort of bonafide pantydropping invite to whoever you might have the feels for.  I mean if this doesn’t seal the deal, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Seriously this’d coax a parakeet into the gaping jaws of a tiger.

Then it’s followed up with the tune ‘I Feel You’, which is another one of those tunes that’s about as sexy as can be.  Adding a bit of weirdness to it, with some off-kilter synths, some pitch bent vocals, this one is for that freaky chic you’ve been eyeing but haven’t had the nerve to approach.  This one has got you covered, though, freaky chic or not.  And regardless of how this is used, its a tune that employs the wonk with the wonderful atmosphere that makes you wonder if you’re supposed to be freaked out a bit or turned on a bit.  Almost like Yolandi from Die Antwoord.  I mean, she’s hot, right?  Until she eats a cockroach or pops a squat on the street, and then she’s not…right?

You then proceed to the third track, ‘Sights’, and it’s church, in the sense that you’ve been hooked, tickled, and massaged and now you’ve gotten the full treatment and are all bought in.  The synth’s hit you in aural waves, and the cymbals crash around you like you’re in a Chinese new year procession.  It’s a fantastic, uplifting tune that’ll get you amped for whatever shenanigans you have goin. The fourth track, though, is that one that  just when you think you’re done with a great packaged EP, this pulls you back down into the covers.  It’s simple without being boring.  It’s emotive without being contrived and as an EP ender, it’s that tease to make you cry for more.  To hear what I’m yammering on about the last two tunes, you’ll just have to go to Cream collective to pick up the EP, and trust, it’s a must do.

Phazz has really done it with this EP, and Big Ups to him and Cream Collective for the free release.   And big ups to Cosmonostro maestro Guillaume for the art.  So go cop the EP (HERE), visit and follow Phazz (Soundcloud, Facebook) and watch out for this dude’s rise to some lofty heights.

Phazz – I Feel You by CREAM COLLECTIVE


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