ODESZA Interview With Waxhole!

When we posted ODESZA’s latest EP, ‘My Friends Will Never Die’, we knew we had something special on our hands. Sure their past album was really very nice, but this EP, just about burnt the skin off our hands when it dropped. The fact that they did so well with this EP, coupled with the fact that their first was really very good in its own right and had led to many a head-bobbin hour, meant that we had to talk to them and see what makes them tick. There was comings and goings with the duo of Clay and Harrison throughout the interview, so hopefully it isn’t too confusing listening to them talk, but regardless they opened up about all things ODESZA and I had a blast talking to them.

Working on new tunes and getting ready for some dates in Jan-Feb of 2014 with the new Emancipator Ensemble experience, these guys have a lot going on and a lot to look forward to for us fans. These two are some great dudes who have an amazing work ethic, which makes it so easy to follow and love their stuff, and it will be why they become so much more successful very very soon.

So check out the interview, then check out the EP, and then, as if they were planning this (no, not a coincidence at all!) their remix EP dropped yesterday (We’ll post more about that on Tuesday if you’re not keen on doing your homework before then) and below you will see three of my favorite tunes of theirs from before My Friends Will Never Die. ┬áThe dates on these tracks may be old, but the sound is still so so fresh!



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