ODESZA Gettin Remixed So Well

ODESZA has been all over Waxhole the past couple of months, what with their EP dropping a few months ago, and our catching up with them in an Interview as they recuperated between tours. And now they’ve so graciously rteleased a remix EP so that we can keep them on the blog for one week more. Now, technically, this isn’t anything new from ODESZA, but it IS new from artists who have remixed ODESZA, such as our friend TOR, and Little People, who I had a lovely chat with at a show, and Kodak To Graph who will hopefully be on a Waxhole venture soon.  As if those three weren’t delicious enough, 1990, Vindata and Ki:Theory remix the tunes oh so well. When you have 6 remixes, odds are you’d get a sub-par one in the mix, but this remix pack is so far from sub-par, it’s really quite dope, every single one of them.

Once again in order to drive people to the EP, I have to be a teasing sonofabitch and only give you three and let you visit their Soundcloud in order to hear and download the entire EP. I know, I’m a jerk sometimes. But please do check the entire EP. It’s really very very good and when applied to the great music of ODESZA’s originals, it can’t but be a great listen.

ODESZA – Keep Her Close (Tor Remix) by ODESZA

ODESZA – Without You (1990 Remix) by ODESZA

ODESZA – If There’s Time (Kodak to Graph Remix) by ODESZA

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