Loving LuQuS More

LuQuS is at it again, folks. This time a bootleg of a Sharon Von Etten track where vocals take the stage and LuQuS’s production fills the orchestra pit. This bootleg is another example of LuQuS turning an already stellar track and turning it into spun sugar melting in our ears like cotton candy on the tongue. And the vocals of von Etten? Well they’re haunting and powerful and lends an emotional surge that in certain circumstances would move a grown man to cry. Cinematic is a term I’d use for this tune, not in the sense of some grandiose or minimal feel for random cinematic fillers or epic scenes, but rather when the story comes to an emotional or cathartic climax, this tune is there to bring it all home in an audial sense.

Yeah LuQuS (Soundcloud, Facebook) is at it again, and we’re all the beneficiaries. Enjoy and let those feels out.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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