Letting Bronze Whale Do All The Driving

bronze whale driveBronze Whale (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter) has been on our blog since the very first track hit the interwebs and for very good reason as everything they do is straight up sexytime jammin. Whether the wonderful Taxidermy Hall remix from way back, or the latest chart topping Tom Aspaul remix they’ve firmly cemented their case as remix extraordinaires, so yesterday when they dropped an original, we all sat up, popped on the headphones, shut down all of our chats and listened intently to see just how this duo out of Austin would do with an original. Even though their remixes don’t use much of the originals, they’re still technically remixes, and so starting on originals is a big step. And this step, has created wonderful music that they can call all their own.

Clocking in with a wonderful build, vocals that provide a sonic layer, without being the focal point, intermingling with the bass they use so well, this tune is not going to be one to sleep on. It’s one of many to come and it’s a fantastic first step into the realm of artist who can perform their own stuff on the road or in general. Making that step from bedroom beatmakers to bonafide musicians is tough for some and some don’t make it, but for others, like the BW guys, it’s as easy and effortless as walking across the street.

I’m truly excited for the future of this duo and my ears are definitely excited for more dope tunes to come.  So yeah cop the tune HERE and enjoy!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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