Le Parasite Infecting Us So Good

Le Parasite’s album is one of those gems you stumble on that while you listen, you wonder where the fuck he’s been hiding. In Nantes, apparently, which is I guess my excuse for missing it? Nah I don’t have a good excuse and y’know I don’t care because even though this is a few months old, it’s still on the dope tip. Mostly a beats album that borders on trip hop and wonky, it has everything in between. Even a few tunes with MC’s, some solely in French, and one in English. While I find it hard to get into foreign hip hop in languages I do not know (I’m trying really hard to break that though!) the production is still so good. The sounds and instruments you hear vary from strings, a children’s chorus, harpsichord, and…was that a goddamned oboe?? Yeah, man. Oboes in this bitch. Down there you will see three of my favorite tunes from the 12 track album (HERE), but please, please, please…I implore you…go check the entire album. It’s some really good and crunching beats and production. Even when it goes a bit light and trip hoppy, there’s still that undercurrent that the whale on the epic album cover (courtesy of Fulvio Di Piazza) looks ready to grab you by the ankle and drag you down into the depths at any moment. So yeah clock these tunes, clock the album, give Le Parasite (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow and while you’re at it give him some amor

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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